Orders and Returns

eSmart stands behind the quality of every item it sells. It will accept returns for items that were delivered damaged or that were not included in a customer’s order at no charge, subject to the following conditions. Unless otherwise specified, all claims for discrepancies or damages must be made within thirty (30) days after the item shipped. Claims on all sequined or beaded garments must be made with 5 business days of the invoice date. eSmart does not guarantee sales and will not accept returns that are not a result of either discrepancies or damage incurred during manufacturing or shipping. No claims will be accepted on used goods or on goods damaged after their receipt by the customer.


All returns must be authorized in advance. To obtain authorization, contact customer service at (626) 988-5815. eSmart’s sales representatives are not authorized to approve returns. Goods returned without authorization will be shipped back at the customer’s expense and will not be credited. Upon authorizing a return, eSmart’s customer service department will send a Return Authorization Label to ship the goods at eSmart’s expense. Upon receipt and verification of the return, eSmart will credit the value of the return towards future orders.